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Blast from the Past: Revisiting the Iconic Cartoon Duos That Defined Our Childhood

Travelling Back in Time with the Coolest Cartoon Characters Ever

All 80’s and 90’s kids know that nothing was as exciting as Saturday mornings. Waking up to the thought that the entire morning ahead of you will be fulfilled with Tom & Jerry and crews alike them was an excitement of a kind. But as we grow up, we realize that one of the best things about cartoons is that their heroes will never grow old. We all had our favorite duos while growing up and for the sake of this ever-lasting love, we have compiled a list of the coolest cartoon duos ever to reminisce of the good days. Now let’s travel back in time.

Mowgli and Baloo

Mogwli loves his friend Baloo so much that he really wants to be like him. He is kind of amazed by how he walks without a care through the jungle and how he scratches his back on trees.

Spongebob and Patrick

On the one hand, we have a pink starfish which is self admittedly the dumbest existing creature in the sea, while on the other hand, we have a yellow sponge dressed in schoolboy clothes which is constantly positive and happy. Although it might seem that their traits make them a bad company for each other, their naivete actually helps them to overcome all adventures with a smile.

Beavis and Butthead

It is no wonder that Beavis and Butthead served as the voice for a generation of teenagers who are too, sort to say, lethargic to have their own. These are considered one of the coolest cartoon duos and have most certainly withstood the test of time as their most recent season has met approval by both old and new fans of the TV show.

Tom and Jerry

There is nothing but rivalry between these two. They were invented to portray the eternal enmity between the mouse and the cat – all this seasoned with a dose of humor. However, the interesting thing about this cartoon characters is that from time to time they help each other in different hardships and are sort of guided by the principle – “I won’t let anybody hurt my enemy but me”.

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

Although both characters are strong enough to be on their own, they have a natural chemistry that helps them work together as one of the coolest duos ever. From Daffy’s logic-defying antics, to Bugs’ ability to switch between deadpan an slapstick humor, these two always end up making the best out of a bad situation and bring some hilarity while performing boring chores.

Bambi and Thumper

To put it in other words, Thumper is to Bambi basically what that kid from kindergarten who asked if he could sit with you at lunch is to you. When you are just starting out in a new world and need to figure things out, sometimes all you need is just one friend to help you out make things right.

Dory and Marlin

Why are these two among the coolest cartoon duos you’d ask? Well, you know how a lot of people say that they would cross an ocean to help a friend (sadly, metaphorically speaking)? Dory actually did that.

Ariel and Flounder

Life can be so hard if you are an amazingly beautiful young mermaid who lives under the thumb of her overly protective father. Flounder is such a friend as it provides Ariel with a listening gill as well as with a fin to cry on when she needs it.

Timon and Pumba

These are the greatest duo ever! They love each other so much that they overlook each other’s nasty habits. Plus, some of the best songs in the entire Disney movie history are from this cartoon. Hakuna Matata!

Mickey Mouse and Pluto

Regardless of the interference from Minnie Mouse, a seal in the bathtub, chipmunks, and even the kitten which found its way into Mickey’s heart, in the cartoon, Mickey and Pluto remain best friends.

Vanellope and Ralph

Well, no one liked Venellope and no one liked Ralph, so it was only natural for them to become best friends and race in their candy car.

Dumbo and Timothy

We all need that one friend who seems to believe more in us than we do and in this story, for Dumbo, that amazing friend is Timothy.

Rapunzel and Pascal

Pascal helps Rapunzel to spend her time in the tower and courageously follows her away from the tower while she is in the pursuit of her happiness and real destiny.

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